While free pro-forma templates on real estate documents abound, real property or real estate transactions can be complicated and sometimes impossible to successfully navigate without the proper assistance of a Real Estate Lawyer. Each real estate transactions involve different situations for each client and this require a specific set of legal forms drafted to suit each particular client. Failure to appropriately negotiate the terms and use the correct document can result in unnecessary liabilities, failed transactions, void contracts, loss of property and money and may result in delays and more expenses moving forward in case there is a need to litigate.

A real estate lawyer can protect a client’s interest, guiding and overseeing the legal work involved in buying, selling, leasing or donating properties and addressing any legal issues that may arise in the course of negotiation up to titling.


Benjamin Franklin once said that there were only two things certain in life, and they are death and taxes. Estate planning may not be as fun as planning a wedding, a birthday party or a vacation because it involves planning how one’s properties are distributed after one’s death or when one becomes incapacitated and the consequential taxes involved; Death and taxes are certain eventualities and do not discriminate as to one’s status in life and therefore, important and relevant to all. Estate planning helps settle complex family arrangements, prevents unnecessary family squabbles, protects vulnerable heirs and avoids excessive tax burdens.

Your estate planning attorney can guide you through your legal options in taking care of your properties in accordance to your specific requirements, such as the creation of living wills, incorporation of assets, or even guardianship proceedings as may be necessary to name a few. You may want to consider the creation of a living will if Alheimer’s, Dementia or similar kind of disease runs in your family as this ensures to a certain degree that your welfare and affairs will be taken cared of by a competent person, allowing you control of your assets should this eventually happen. To protect your loved ones afflicted with a permanent disability, a living will or a guardianship proceeding may be necessary to take care of his or her long-term care and educational needs.

An estate planning attorney will ensure that your affairs are in order and your documents are valid and enforceable.